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I understand that in these uncertain times, many people are finding themselves in a difficult financial situation, which could mean that some of those most in need of practising yoga at the moment are being priced out. Because of this, 

I encourage people who have a low income to attend on a pay-as-you-can basis - use the PayPal link below and contact me to get the Zoom link.

Contact me
  • I use Zoom for my online classes, so please make sure you have access to the app or website before your class. It's quite straightforward and intuitive, and it allows us to keep that feeling of community from our own homes.

  • Have your device in a position that’s easily visible but avoid watching it more than you need to. Much of the time I won’t be practising with you, so try to listen instead.

  • Have a mat ready, near a wall if possible, and props to hand. If you don’t have specific yoga props such as blocks, straps or bolsters, you can use books, ties, cushions or pillows, and have a blanket nearby. Create a relaxing space, with dim lighting, incense & music, especially for a restorative class.

  • If you wish me to personally assist you, turn your video on or if you’d prefer not to be seen, you can keep your video off – that’s fine too! But please mute your mic during the class.

  • In order to see me in full screen, click on the three dots on my screen and select ‘pin’. If you select the ‘gallery’ view you’ll see everyone else too.

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