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In a Baby Yoga class, babies receive valuable physical activity, as well as 1-to-1 attention from a parent.
The main benefits are:
RELIEF: from colic, constipation & teething
RELAXATION: stress reduction & helping with sleep patterns
STIMULATION: of all internal systems, cognitive function & proprioception
INTERACTION: supporting the bonding & attachment process

This interactive class is 50/50 for mum and for baby, ensuring new mums can focus on their own yoga practice to strengthen post-birth while also involving baby. It's suitable for all new mums, no previous yoga experience is necessary, and dads are welcome too.

We begin with a supportive mothers circle, followed by breathwork, gentle stretches & pelvic floor rehabilitation, before moving on to movements, massage & songs with baby. We finish with a guided relaxation for you both, enhancing non-verbal communication between you.

While we're all stuck at home at the moment, we don't have to be alone. Online yoga sessions provide the support and interaction that we all need at this time. Due to my concerns around the lack of postnatal support for new mothers at the moment, I have reduced the starting age from 6 weeks to 4 weeks - you should ask your doctor to do a face-to-face postnatal check if possible but if not, contact me before the class to discuss any concerns.

I'm a qualified Birthlight Parent & Baby Yoga teacher and Apple Yoga Pre- & Post-natal teacher, I've been running sessions since 2017 and I have maintained classes online throughout lockdown.

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