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Awakening the Wild Woman

Navigating the Descent - an 8-week Journey from Crown to Root
Welcome to a new and empowering way of thinking about perimenopause and menopause. Whether you’re here for help with a particular concern such as weight gain or chronic fatigue, or you’re looking for a holistic approach to living your best life well past 35, you are in the right place!

'Awakening the Wild Woman: Navigating the Descent, a Journey from Crown to Root' is a 12-hour course over 8 weeks that teaches you what your body needs to thrive through midlife and bridges the gap between the physical & the spiritual by supporting your journey from Wild to Wise.

This live, online course is open to any woman who relates to this phase of life, typically between 35 & 55, who may or may not yet be experiencing symptoms, and will be complementary in deepening your knowledge around the physical, emotional, psycho-spiritual changes that take place as you transition to Wild Woman and then into your Wise Woman years.  

Are you experiencing:

  • brain fog?

  • reduced libido?
  • symptoms associated with perimenopause, such as irregular menstruation cycles?

  • restless sleep & night sweats?

  • constantly feeling exhausted or chronic fatigue?

  • increased appetite, comfort eating and unhealthy food choices?

  • stubborn weight gain that is hard to shift?

  • mood swings that you take out on those around you & affect your relationships?

  • feelings of stressoverwhelm or burnout from juggling the pressures of life, work & family?

  • uncertainty over how to begin making positive changes in your life?

Then this course is designed for you!

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Presented by Sarah Newman -
Embodiment Coach, Women's Health Specialist, Advanced Yoga Teacher

With a BSc in Psychology, I have felt that my life has had two distinct phases, with my young adulthood rooted in science and my 30s onwards leaning more towards the metaphysical. I have always been pulled in two dichotomies of the very physical science and the energetic spiritual path. 


I have forged this in-between path for myself, and in my roles as experienced women’s space holder, advanced yoga teacher, body worker, therapist & Wild Mother of two boys, I feel able to heal the rift for myself and others. 

Everybody's heard about menopause. Often, the clichéd understanding is that it’s that time in a woman’s life when her periods suddenly stop, she suffers hot flushes and a dry vagina.

However, while things are starting to change, still little is widely discussed about this often misunderstood feminine life-stage.

When you consider that ‘knowledge is power’, this shallow understanding of a significant rite of passage in every woman’s life does women a great disservice. It means that women are largely ill-prepared for the multi-layered experience of growing old within the feminine continuum.

Many women are unaware & uneducated about menopause’s numerous and varied potential challenges, which can make for a much more rocky ride. But on the flipside, we are also largely ignorant of the unexpected rich & rewarding gifts that ‘the Change’ can offer us, if only we are prepared & open to receive them.

What do you know about the menopause?

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What many people don’t realise is that the lead-up to menopause, known as perimenopause, is the real marathon that we need prepare for, as it can last anywhere from 4-10 years.

Women commonly enter the perimenopause from around the age of 45 (although it can come naturally as early as 35), when they begin to experience a number of emotional & physical symptoms. Yet it can still take many women by surprise!
The Perimenopausal & Menopausal phases of life have become defined by Western Patriarchal Medicine as a medical problem, and only they have the cure! They treat the symptoms with aggressive medication, HRT or even surgical procedures such as hysterectomy, which can have hugely detrimental side effects to the delicate balance of the hormonal system.

Meanwhile, women have become disconnected from their bodies' natural physiological, emotional & spiritual cycles. Once you harmonise mind, body & spirit, you can begin to raise low testosterone with lifestyle changes like diet & exercise. Even the term 'menopause' is so physiological that it takes us further away from connecting with our deep body wisdom & the spiritual gifts that come from integrating our Wild Woman within.
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This course is for you if...

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~ you realise you have hit uncharted territory within your life-trajectory, and you feel more than a little lost and disoriented by the unknown that is perimenopause.
~ you are ready to gain the perspective that out of this chaos comes the precious opportunity for a re-birth of your self, a self that can carry you stronger, more self aware, more compassionate, into your Wise Woman years.
~ you know that there is a better way, one where you don't have to sacrifice your connection to yourself and your relationships or give up your soul path.
~ you have the feeling that ‘something is missing’. We may feel we’ve arrived at this phase overnight - one minute looking and feeling sensual & sassy, the next wondering where we went!
~ you became a mother after 35 and your post-natal 'baby blues' have lasted longer than you'd expect - the symptoms can be similar to perimenopause and the onset can coincide.
This course has been incredibly powerful for me.
The theme has woven a tapestry in my life and I'm only halfway through! The synchronicity that it is bringing into my life is truly beautiful!
I am flowing with it and loving it.
Truly transformative.

Nadia, UK

In this course...

I will be bringing together Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM - rooted in Yogic & Daoist philosophy) and Functional Western Medicine (how hormones work together, affecting energy, brain fog & metabolic dysfunction), to get to the root cause of frustrating and harmful symptoms such as weight gain, chronic fatigue, increased appetite, restless sleep, mood swings, night sweats and irregular menstruation cycles
We will go on a journey together where the spiritual meets the scientific so that I can guide you through this phase of life as the whole holistic, healthy being that you are.

The Descent

Each week, we focus on a different aspect of coming into your power, based on each of the chakras.
Typically, in most yogic traditions, the chakras are followed from the bottom up. But that comes from a patriarchal system which does not honour the flow of feminine energy
So over these 7 weeks, we start at the top, the Crown chakra, and descend to the Root.
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Week 1: Embracing Your Inner Wild Woman 

ELEMENT: Universal Consciousness
MERIDIAN ORGAN PAIRING: Liver (yin) & gallbladder (yang)
SEASON: Spring
QUALITIES: Growth, expansion, flexibility, vision​

  • Welcome to the journey of self-discovery and empowerment
  • Explore the concept of the Wild Woman archetype and how it relates to your life
  • Cultivate a sense of freedom and authenticity through movement and meditation
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Week 2: Connecting with Your Intuition

6th CHAKRA: The Third Eye *AJNA*
MERIDIAN ORGAN PAIRING: Kidney (yin) & bladder (yang)
COLOUR: Blue/black
SEASON: Winter
QUALITIES: Wisdom, introspection, depth, rejuvenation, survival instincts
  • Dive deep into the wisdom of your intuition
  • Practise intuitive movement and meditation to tap into your inner knowing
  • Learn techniques to trust your instincts and make empowered decisions
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Week 3: Nurturing Your Creative Essence

MERIDIAN ORGAN PAIRING: Spleen (yin) & stomach (yang)
COLOUR: Yellow
SEASON: Late summer
QUALITIES: Stability, nourishment, grounding, nurturing, balancing, harmony
  • Rediscover your creativity and innate feminine energy
  • Express yourself through art, dance, and journaling
  • Connect with your inner artist and allow creativity to flow freely
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Week 4: Honouring Your Body Temple

MERIDIAN ORGAN PAIRING: Lung (yin) & large intestine (yang)
SEASON: Autumn
QUALITIES: Clarity, precision, discernment, grief, letting go & inspiration
  • Embrace your body with love and acceptance
  • Practice gentle yoga and body-awareness meditations
  • Cultivate a deeper connection with your physical self and celebrate its beauty
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Week 5: Cultivating Self-Compassion

3rd CHAKRA: Solar plexus *MANIPURA*
MERIDIAN ORGAN PAIRING: Heart (yin) & small intestine (yang)
SEASON: Summer
QUALITIES: Passion, enthusiasm, joy, warmth, communication & connection
  • Learn the importance of self-love and compassion
  • Release self-judgment and embrace self-care practices
  • Nurture yourself with kindness and understanding during this transformative journey
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Week 6: Unleashing Your Authentic Voice

2nd CHAKRA: Womb / sacral *SWADHISTHANA*
MERIDIAN ORGAN PAIRING: Kidney (yin) & bladder (yang)
COLOUR: Blue / black
SEASON: Winter
QUALITIES: Wisdom, introspection, depth, rejuvenation, survival instincts
  • Explore the power of speaking your truth
  • Practice vocal exercises and mindful communication techniques
  • Discover the liberation that comes from expressing your authentic self
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Week 7: Grounding into Your Roots

MERIDIAN ORGAN PAIRING: Liver (yin) & gallbladder (yang)
SEASON: Spring
QUALITIES: Growth, expansion, flexibility, vision
  • Connect with the earth and anchor yourself in the present moment.
  • Explore grounding yoga poses and meditation practices.
  • Strengthen your sense of stability and security as you navigate life transitions.
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Week 8: Embracing Your Full Potential

Wild Woman closing ceremony, ritual & blessing
  • Reflect on your journey and celebrate your growth
  • Set intentions for the future and embody your Wild Woman essence
  • Leave empowered, inspired, and ready to embrace life’s adventures with courage and grace

What's included in the course?

  • 8 x 1.5hr live, led, online sessions - every Wednesday from 12th June to 31st July @ 8pm UK, 3pm ET, 12.00 PT
  • All the benefits of Prasarita Membership
  • FREE entry to my weekly Ashtanga class
  • FREE access to my extensive library of recorded yoga classes
  • 24/7 support with a community of powerful women 
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Somatic embodied movement, exploring movement from within

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Journaling & reflexive practices

You'll need a notebook & pen close to hand - the nicer the better!


Community support

You'll be working with a group of women going through the same life phase



Get into the right frame of mind with some breathing exercises to relax

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Soundwork healing

By bathing in the vibrations of sound we harness the healing potential of deep restorative rest. 

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24/7 WhatsApp group

You can contact me and an ever-growing network of supportive women at any time

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Mudra & mantra

Create a calm space by setting out some candles & burning incense

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Yogic philosophy & archetypes

We will explore useful archetypes of Innana and the heroines path to support our own story

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Checking in with ourselves & each other

Being witnessed, seen and heard by other amazing women and healing through shared experience

She finds she has limits. Her energy falters, her mind drifts, her patience snaps.
She begins to husband herself, to save herself for what really matters.
She has seen enough to guess the trajectory of most events, to hold herself back from repeating old mistakes.
She knows now that some energy is wasted.
So sometimes she seems parsimonious, unwilling to expend in waste.
But other times she is generous.
That old coat? Give it away.
That pretty pin? Oh, do take it.
The half-finished book? No, it’s yours.
She does not need to cling to what she has outlasted.
Things leave her: she does not need it all. 

- Patricia Monaghan

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I'm looking forward to supporting you on your journey to embrace the Wild Woman in you!

Sarah x

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