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10 Advantages of practicing Yoga at Home.

1. Saves you time.

If you’re a busy working mum like me, we need all the time we can get! Given you’re not travelling anywhere or having to use busy changing rooms, you can get your practice done faster and still be super productive as you juggle other life commitments.

2. Gives you more freedom.

Practicing at home gives you more flexibility. You can be spontaneous or work to a schedule and work out in the morning, in the evening, or on alternate mornings & evenings to make the best use of your time.

3. You’ll get great results.

All you need is your mat & an internet connection. Consistency is key. Check out my 20-30 minute videos (included in subscriptions) to practice more frequently. You’ll notice physical, mental and emotional benefits in no time. Ideally start with 20 mins 3 times a week to see quick results!

4. Reduced distraction.

At home, we can be more focused, also choosing a  space and “me time” to be less disturbed by those we live with. It will also help you associate home with positive feelings after you release all those happy hormones and endorphins during your practice.

5. Ego & comparison is taken out of the picture.

It feels safe. We can wear what we want, move how we want, sweat how we want - while no one is watching - we don’t have to worry what others are doing around us and this quells any self conscious thoughts that can creep in when in a group class, such as “wow, look at her headstand” or “I used to be able to do that”. If you allow these thoughts to creep in, it’s a lot of work and raising awareness of where it comes from. If you take others out of the picture from the beginning it helps your dhristi (focus) and helps your practice to feel more like a moving meditation not an abusive hour of acrobatics that can do more harm than good!

6. You pick the tunes!

It’s your practice, it’s your playlist! You get to choose the best tunes to motivate you or for the mood of the session. Or silence can be golden!

7. You’ll get more value for your money.

Online programs allow you to have an asset for maximum value - you can still experience the in-person energy during the live sessions, you can go back and repeat your favourite sequences, and access a bonus weekly check-in as a community, plus 1-to-1 real-person online accountability coaching to dive deeper into your health & wellbeing needs.

8. Healthy daily habits.

Have you noticed that when you practice yoga you eat less crap food? It’s true, supported by scientific evidence. Your body starts to tune in more to what it really needs with less effort from you. No more guilt over faddy diets or consuming things that bring your body’s vibration down!

9. More self- discipline.

Showing up for yourself consistently & regularly leads to improved self-belief and improved confidence. Prioritising your self care first makes you a better mum, partner & all round kinder human being. Take action every day!

10. Avoid the hassle of time constraints.

Especially if you have a baby, I know how hard it can be to get to that class on time. Is it worth the stress and anxiety caused to get to a class to reduce the stress and anxiety that has just built up in your body?

So what’s stopping you? Start today! If you’re interested in a 15 minute discovery call, reach out to me through my contact form and book one in to see how we can work together and walk you towards a more fulfilled satisfying life!

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