We'd love for you to join us for an 8 week deep dive to prepare for birth through yoga and holistic practices. The course is a co-creation & collaboration between myself, Sarah, and Laura who supported me postnatally after the birth of my second son. I am an experienced pre- & post-natal yoga specialist who founded Prasarita Yoga in 2017 with the aim of supporting new & expectant mothers from the early stages of pregnancy through to postpartum recovery.

The yoga practice is wide-ranging & appropriate to the stage of pregnancy you are in; combined with mindfulness, meditation, sound work, mudra and breathwork that has the potential to change the way you view your upcoming birth & matrescence. Deepening your connection to your intuition and baby to optimise your baby's arrival Earthside.

Laura is a holistic birthkeeper and specialist in walking with women through the liminal space of their initiations; together we are perfectly equipped at holding space for whatever arises and supporting your internal landscape in the weeks and months before baby arrives. 


The course is run as eight 2.5 hour sessions, from midday each Sunday including a rest break. The structure of the course will follow the lines of the chakras and their corresponding elements & themes.

28th February - Week 1

We begin with the gateway of the crown chakra & tapping into the divine energy which guides us on a spiritual path more clearly. After introductions to each other you will be introduced to supportive practices such as breathwork (pranayama), mudra & mantra meditation. Connecting to our power, through the element of thought as the embodiment of mother - the divine vessel - a connector between heaven and earth.

7th March - Week 2

As we move from the crown to the third eye - we explore what it's like to completely surrender to a life of being guided by the inner voice & trusting your light. Ajna chakra, the site of the pineal gland, coming back to a remembrance that everything you need as a mother is already within you. We will deepen our understanding of how our primal brain and hormones affect our birthing body & by the end of the session we will feel more able to allow the intelligence of our intuitive nature to shine forth.

14th March - Week 3

Vishuddha  - the throat chakra. We delve into the interplay between our throats and our pelvic floor; this is the path of insight & inquiry. As a pregnant woman you are faced with many (often overwhelming) decisions and choices. In this session we will delve into the element of sound, listening to our own truth & feeling able to speak it in the moment.

21st March - Week 4

Exploring the lungs and heart as a gateway to our expansion into motherhood as well as breathing practice to benefit our birthing body. The Air element; love, compassion, balance, life force, relationships & inner peace. We focus on practicing self-kindness & self-love once your baby is here - what to expect from the postpartum period, physical & emotional changes and how to best support your body & mind to help & inspire you through the journey of early motherhood.

28th March - Week 5

The Fire element - Manipura, the solar plexus chakra is all about clarity, courage, intensity, confidence & humility. We focus on what to expect from early stages of birth -  possible interventions, to meeting your baby. You will be equipped with calming tools & techniques to feel empowered throughout the entire birthing journey. Exploring our creative heart fire and gateway to the Hara.

4th April - Week 6

The pelvic bowl, keeper of the womb waters and the wild feminine way - Svadhisthana, feminine, sensual, creative & powerful. This week we focus on the physiology of the beautiful journey your body is about to go through. You will learn simple yet effective breathing techniques & positions for a natural delivery to enable you to look forward to the birth of your baby!

11th April - Week 7

This week we complete our journey through the chakras from Crown to Root - seat of our power & the gateway to Earth - linked to Muladhara & working with the energies of grounding, stabilising & belonging. We will practice more advanced pranayama (breath control techniques) how to release fears & anxiety surrounding birth and replace them with calm confidence.

18th April - Week 8 

Postnatal preparation & Mothers' Blessing. 

As well as the outline above, expect 45 mins of gentle movement in each session (it's not at all necessary to have previous yoga experience), wear comfortable clothes and set up your space ready for yoga and potentially sitting or kneeling for some time. If you do not own a bolster (I would highly recommend purchasing one, as they're an invaluable support pre and postnatally) you can mimic one by gathering bits from around the house. Have as many props as you would like to support your practice; such as folded blankets, cushions, pillows, eye masks, straps or ties, essential oils & candles - the more snuggly & relaxed you feel the better. Upon booking this course you will receive an email with the Zoom link attached. The class will be live-streamed & we will be recording the sessions so you will receive a link after class, and you can contact me by phone or email at any time if you have any questions.